Upgrade of the purchased versions of Mol2Mol


Please, contact the author


* The latest version is 5.6.3 (1.02.2011), the registered product can be upgraded here.

* Owners of older (< 5) versions of Mol2Mol are entitled for free upgrades and should contact this address.


Windows Vista and 7: A) Mol2Mol 5.6 runs without any problems under Windows 7 and Vista. Unfortunately, its Help system does not work because these OS versions do not support the older (but otherwise perfectly usable) WinHelp system by default. The solution:

You may want to download and install the recently upgraded and Vista compatible version of the WinHelp system. After this not only Mol2mol help but all other older Winhelp files will be functional again.

Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe installer) for Windows Vista and 7

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow to include and distribute the WinHlp32.exe file in any third party applications, it must be done separately by the users.

B) When installing the program under Windows 7 or Vista, a warning appears that the program is not digitally signed. Disregard the warning and continue with the installation.