A few tips for the bravehearted without acrophobia
and who are bold enough to reach some exotic places in Uru


Visit your islets around Relto!

In the case of the old offline version the full package should be installed (Uru Complete Chronicles). To begin with, locate and get the islands Relto page in you Neighbourhood (Bevin). You can reach 10 islets of your realm. The next two figures show how to jump and where from. Remember: first class sport needs a lot of practice and patience...

Practice the different types of standing jumps. Short jump (walk-jump): press forward arrow and immediately the space bar. Long jump (run-jump): press the left shift button and the right forward arrow and immediately the space bar. Before making the jump position the avatar exactly at place of jump in third person view, then switch to first person view and set the direction (the arriving point) to the middle near the bottom of the screen.

+step: make a step immediately on arriving.

In the online Uru (MOUL) the above figure is useful only prior to activating the calendar-island. If you already have your calendar island, use the next map:

You can get to the South island with a run-jump from the brink of Relto, with heels only on the very edge. From this island you can continue to the island with the huge clock, if you already own it.



How to reach the tiny mesa (rock tower) in Gahreesen?

There is a tiny rock tower One can reach the door of the Bahro cave from the the rock platform between the two rotating fortresses via a lower mesa. It is not very difficult to jump there. However, there is a tiny tower in front of the Bahro door. To get there you must perform a very precise jump from a certain place.

At the lower end of the slope make three steps to the right:

Swith to first person view and orientate yourself that the left brink of the tower is at the center of the screen.

And now make a bold run-jump! You have jump from the slope, not from the edge of the rock platform:

Enjoy the vista!



Pipe-walk above the lava in Eder Gira

Go to the third fumarole (steam vent) and step onto the edge of the rock:

When you look down, there is a small rock tower in front of you. Center it and step boldly forward.

You arrive onto the top of the tower. Move cautiously forward a bit until its edge.

In first person mode center the elbow of the tube and make a run-jump forward!

Have a nice walk!



A number of seemeingly inaccessible places can be visited if you master the combo jump, a combination of walk-jump and run-jump (available on in MOUL). For its description see the posts of Annabelle in the Myst Online forum, Annabelle's Adventures thread.