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Since 2007-2008 more and more fan created Ages have become available. Some of them are simple and experimental only, some of them are beautiful small gems to explore and see, some of them are interactive ones with puzzles. These Ages can be downloaded and embedded into the offline TPOTS. The simplest way is to install and use the user-friendly Drizzle toolkit. It will install the mandatory offline KI, too. Manual download is possible from the Deep Island UAM database.

A gallery of fan created ages with screenshots is available here.

From the middle of 2010 the online Uru is available at independent public shards as well. For the time being, the Gehn Shard, the Open Cave Shard and the Minkata Test Shard are available. The most important is that besides Cyan's "official" Ages the majority of the fan created ages are also available for online playing. To get more about how to install different shards: here

The meaning of the small icons:

Click or tap to open pop-up images
Just explore with no or minimal interactivity (open door, use elevator)
Journal(s) to read (IC history of the Age, explorers' journal, addenda to the D'ni history or people, etc.)
One or more puzzles to solve.
Have fun alone or with your friends! (Usually not classical D'ni Ages.)
This Age has been created with educational purposes in mind, usually not Uru-related.
The place is somewhere in the D'ni cavern.
Two or icons mean more long or serious journals to read or complex puzzles to solve.
More than one icons mean that the Age has a very good graphics quality (using vertex shading, etc.)
(The use of these multiple icons is a bit subjective, I admit.)

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This list is being continuously developed. For a list of all currently available Ages with brief descriptions and links to walkthroughs (if any) download the pdf files from here.

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